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***AVAILABLE for pick up within 12h of ordering pick up at Boutique du champ @ Lavande Braydale - 17683 Sandringham.Rd, Moose Creek, ON.


Many beautiful healthy rooted plants are available and they are locally grown from Ontario greenhouses. (Re-potted in a 6" pot).


The flowing season for these beautiful perennials is end of June till the end of July.


Each variety will come with its plant care instructions. All lavender-like dry environments & do not do well in clay soil. FULL sun. Watered for the first year to establish roots then only watered during flowering season the following years. Hardy for winter but better to cover them with a towel or blanket.




Grosso: Mature plant 30"tall/24"wide. LIGHT PURPLE flower.




Munstead : Mature plant 12"tall/24"wide. LIGHT PURPLE flower.

Hidcote Blue: Mature plant 12"tall/24"wide. DARK PURPLE flower.




Ellagance Snow: Mature plant at 12"tall/16"wide, WHITE flower.

Ellagance Pink: Mature plant at 12"tall/16"wide, LIGHT PINK flower.


Note: Once ordered, live plants are non-refundable

Live Lavender Plants 2024

  • Farm pick-up ONLY : We will contact you in the beginning of May to advise when order is ready for pick up.

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