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Behind the scenes.

Come see & spend the day.

First Section
(planted 2022)


These take over 6 months to grow in Canadian green houses before being sent to the farm to plant in the field.  In this picture they were transplanted 6 weeks prior.

Plugs with flowers.jpg

Good Morning

Dropplets covered every surface of this new plant.  Clippings of other older lavenders found on the farm.

Hello little one

Newly planted field 2022.

Over 3,000 lavender planted.


Planting on repeat.

Hurrying to plant these & give them their first drink of water on our soils.


These plants have been cared for by us, one by one. 

Have an opportunity to come visit all theses beautiful perrenials during the flowering season.


Millions of flowers

Ancient plant that delivers millions of tiny fragrant flowers.

With over 6 varieties planted at Braydale you can touch, smell & harvest your very own bouquets.


Canadian winters can be hard on our perennials, we have cared for them all this time & cover them with blankets for the winter.

The black bags you see are holding down these fabriques for the winter months.

Thea lavender 1_edited.jpg


Picture yourself capturing moments with your loved ones...  These bright colours bring out the best features.

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