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Here we are, Les Bercier's.

Carl & Tracey are 4th generation farmers on this beautiful farm in Moose Creek, ON.  This farm is shared with their 3 loving kids, Brayden, Zachary & Théa.

Carl originally from Casselman, moved to live on Tracey's family farm in 2010.  Our primary enterprise on the farm is free range commercial poultry production, that is governed by Chicken Farmers of Ontario.  We are proud to say that we donate over 700kg of fresh chicken to local food banks in our community and across Ontario.  We also grow conventional cash crop in our fields which consist of wheat, corn & soybeans.  After welcoming our first born Brayden in 2015, we constructed our sugar shack, together we collect 300 buckets of sap & boil to perfection to create an amazing Maple Syrup.

Fast forward to 2021, I was working from home & just could not get over the lavenders that we had planted in our flower beds just 3 years prior.  I would constantly go for a walks & take some snippings of the flowers to keep along side my desk.  The tiny flowers that this plants produced were spectacular... & the smell was just what I needed to finish my day.  When Carl came home one night from a long day at work, I mentioned to him that maybe we could use the 6 acre field that we had near the house to grow a lot more lavender.  Honestly, he thought I was crazy.  As determined as I am, I spend so many nights researching about these plants.  Being over 7 months pregnant with our third child, I was throwing ideas to him & I was getting anxious about the possibilities.  Eventually he came to realize that this could be something perfect for us.

He is very passionate about any project you put his way, thankfully I married him & we get to make these dreams turn into reality.  He loves growing all things, from his fields, to many tree's, too much lawn, to the biggest gardens, it's in his blood... I knew that this was something he was going to love.

This summer, we will be open for you to spend the day, snap all the pictures you want, harvest your own bouquet to dry at home, watch us distill our first batches of the purest lavender essential oil, purchase products & much more.

Lavender is perfect for our family & we want you to enjoy it as much as we do.  

Make sure to spot us while you come visit to answer all the questions you might have.


We honestly can't wait for you to step foot here at Lavande Braydale.

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