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Piece by piece these beautiful frames are all handcrafted in St-Andrews, ON.


1- Flower Power (20"x20")

2- Rainbow (54"x10")

3- Make a wish (15"x12")      SOLD

4- Bee (14.5"x11.5")

5- Birds (39"x7")

6- Colourful (15"x12")

7- Waterfall (14.5"x12")         SOLD

8 - Red canoe (13"x13")

9 - River (12.5 "x10.5")

Mosaic Glass Art (frames)

PrixÀ partir de 20,00C$
  • Farm pick-up ONLY: Pick up available at field kiosk within 3-5 days from order date, email will be sent once items are ready.

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