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Hand crafted maple syrup gathered & wood burned on Braydale's family farm, located in Moose Creek, ON.


The sweetest taste buds will thank you once you've tried our syrup, it is one of a kind. Maple Syrup is basically SAP that is collected from Maple Tree.  This clear liquid is gathered during the Canadian winter thaws (March) & boiled to remove all the water content. What is left is the purest sugar, 100% organic Maple Syrup.


All the wood we use in our evaporator comes from fallen branches, broken trees and all the other wood available in the rejuvenation of the forest.  By maintaining our maple bush we ensure that our healthy Maple trees have the optimal growing environment for many years to come.  The forest where we harvest our SAP is filled with so much diversity of wildlife.


Use in everyday cooking as an alternative to everyday table sugars.


No taxes on maple syrup.

Maple Syrup (1L)

  • Farm pick-up ONLY: Pick up available at field kiosk within 3-5 days from order date, email will be sent once items are ready.

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