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Hand crafted maple syrup gathered & wood burned on Braydale's family farm, located in Moose Creek, ON.  Use in everyday cooking & as your best alternative to everyday table sugars.


The sweetest taste buds will thank you once you've tried our syrup, it is one of a kind. Maple Syrup is basically SAP (aka tree water) that is collected from Maple Tree.  This clear liquid is gathered during the Canadian winter thaws (March) & boiled to remove all the water content. After it is filtered it leaves us with purest sugar liquid sugar, 100% organic Maple Syrup.


Once ordered, pick up will be available within 1 business day, wait for your email. 


No taxes on maple syrup.

Maple Syrup (500mL)

  • Our maple syrup is sold in a glass bottle, secured with a plastic lid. This ensures the content taste is as authentic as when it was bottled.

  • Farm pick-up: Pick up available at field kiosk within 1-2 days from order date, email will be sent once items are ready.

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