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Not only is this soap beautiful to look at, the smell gives off a mixture of spice & relaxing qualities. We call this one Driftwood, as if is a bit more masculine that other combinations.  This soap has immense lather & is hydrating features for all skin types. 


Cold processed soap is a traditional method of using a combination of pure oils, along with lye to create the most authentic soaps. This soap is left to age for 4-5 weeks after being cut into bars to ensure that the bar's are fully cured for optimal use.


Every bar is approx. 100g - 130g


Ingredients: Olea europaea oil (extra virgin olive oil), purified water, Cocos Nucifera (coconut oil), shea butter, sodium hydroxide, fragrance, colored micas, titanium dioxide.


Note: The appearance of soaps can vary depending on the batch and my mood :)


Can't wait for you to try this soap in your home.


Only 5 left in stock
  • Keep away from puddling water, as this is a natural soap & can get soft when left in water.

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